It’s no secret that Taco Bell likes to test the limits of the human stomach. Doritos, Cheetos, and fried-chicken taco shells are all fair game if it means the company can push the boundaries of fast-food innovation just a little bit closer to oblivion.

And while globs of melted cheese have always been quintessential to any quality Tex-Mex meal, Taco Bell has, once again, taken a good thing and tried to injected it full of steroids. Announced via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this week, the fast-food chain’s latest creation is a “Cheesy Core Burrito,” which essentially sounds like a tube-shaped tortilla pumped full of queso.

Much like the earth’s core, the burrito features a “molten” center of three blended cheeses, followed by increasingly thin layers of seasoned beef, white rice, and special sauce, according to Foodbeast.

Though the item was first unveiled back in March, this week Taco Bell decided to release the Cheesy Core Burrito nationally for just $1.99. And while press shots from the company look pretty decent, as Consumerist points out, the reviews are in on Twitter, and not everyone is that impressed.

For years, Taco Bell and Burger King have been battling one another for fast-food dominance, competing to see which chain can manufacture the most over-the-top creation. Earlier this month, BK released its new "Whopperrito"—a burger-burrito hybrid—but Taco Bell would be damned if it allowed another company to encrouch on its Tex-Mex terrain without a fight. 


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