There is a myth that exists that says exceptional food also has to be expensive. And over the course of the last several years, the coveted Michelin Guide has often perpetuated this myth, awarding one, two, and three stars to some of the world's most exclusive restaurants.

Earlier this year, however, Michelin released its first-ever guidebook for Singapore, and now the paradigm is beginning to shift. If one is willing to book a flight and stand in an exceptionally long line it is now possible to eat a Michelin-starred meal for just $1.50 USD.

The dish (soya sauce chicken rice and noodles) comes courtesy of Chan Hon Meng, a Malaysian chef who operates a Hong Kong-style food stall in the country. In July, Meng became the first street food vendor in history to earn a Michelin star, and the Singapore guide recently released a short documentary on his journey.

The film is a surprisingly moving tale about a chef's love for food, removed from white table clothes and reservations.

"I dream that our food can be enjoyed on an international stage," Meng says in the video. "Whether you're a restaurant chef or a hawker, I hope that every chef will put in their best effort, as if [the Michelin inspector] is tasting your food at every moment."

"With food, you can never stop learning," he adds. "I believe it's the skill of a chef that makes his food outstanding."