Every Olympian has his or her own post-game ritual. And after pushing one’s body to the limits of human ability, more often than not, that ritual involves shoving a whole bunch of food in their mouths. Earlier this week, after winning yet another gold medal in Rio, Michael Phelps, inhaled an entire pound of pasta. And Laurie Hernandez’s brother promised the 16-year-old gymnast a trip to the convenience store Wawa to celebrate her first Olympic victory.

Now, Hernandez’s teammate and “Final Five”co-member, Simone Biles, has revealed how she unwinds after every competition, win or lose. While Biles might not be the average 19-year-old—she's the overwhelming favorite to take gold at Thursday’s all-around final—like most American teenagers, she pretty much lives on pepperoni pizza.

“It doesn’t even matter if I don’t win a self-gold, after every meet I have pizza,” she told ABC News on Wednesday. “Pepperoni pizza.”

Though Biles says she generally eats a banana before a big competition, don't be fooled—she’s a longtime pizza enthusiast. Over the years, the Olympian and her teammates have shared their undying love for 'za on social media. 

[via ABC News]