Few things in life are considered more highbrow than dining on caviar. The most expensive batch of salt-cured fish eggs in the world costs $34,500 for just over two pounds, according to Guinness World Records, and is also considered the most lavish meal on the planet. Conversely, one of the more unrefined experiences a person can go through is watching two women wrestle in an inflatable pool full of mud, Jell-0, and other viscous substances.

Now, for some inexplicable reason, a party for elite-level politicians and bankers in Moscow is bridging the gap between these two time-honored traditions, imploring two Russian models to roll around and pull each other's hair in a tub full of caviar.

Though the party was thrown back in August by an NGO and Russia’s Ministry of Culture, celebrating the 700-year anniversary of the “struggling” rouble, a video of the odd, objectifying wrestling match has since gone viral, garnering over 167,000 views on YouTube.

“In what was a pre-party entertainment for the celebrity guests, 159 liters of caviar—exactly the same as a barrel of oil, which drives the Russian economy—was poured into an inflatable pool,” RT, a news organization funded by the Russian government, reported this week. “Inside, two models—representing the euro and the US dollar—performed what appeared to be a choreographed play fight.”

According to RT, the amount of caviar needed to fill a 159-liter pool would have cost over $1 million. Instead, the pool was filled with a “synthetic imitation” using cheaper fish roe and seaweed. The party’s celebrity guests were not told where the caviar came from, and were seen “scooping huge spoons of it onto their canapés” following the bout.

Still, it remains unclear why exactly the wrestling match took place—if it was meant to be performance art, or satire, or just staged for shock value—but people are of course outraged nonetheless.

“Bankers should service our needs, as they produce nothing, merely churning money earned with the effort of others,” Vyascheslav Tetekin, a Communist leader, wrote in a rebuttal to the video posted on his party’s website. “Interest in this story shows that people are sick and tired of the fact that while people are getting poorer, bankers are still swimming in money.”

If not money, at least caviar.

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