Like all couples, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have their problems from time to time. In the first trailer for their forthcoming E! reality series—the aptly titled Rob & Chyna—the mother-to-be can be heard screaming at her boyfriend over the phone. “Are you still texting bitches!?" she shrieks. “Yes or no?”

Is Rob texting other women behind Chyna’s back? Possibly. But regardless of his suspected infidelities, as one of the few men in the all-powerful Jenner-Kardashian matriarchy, Rob ultimately knows the way to a woman’s heart: takeout.

In a Facebook Live Q&A to promote their show on Wednesday, the couple revealed that Rob has been ordering Chyna Philly cheesesteaks and P.F. Chang’s on the delivery service Postmates since she became pregant. 

“I think one month it got to like $13,000,” Rob admits in the video. “I order you whatever.”

If buying your significant other a metric ton of sweet and sour chicken and Mongolian-style beef isn't love, then what is?

During their Q&A, the couple also revealed the details behind their first date. And while the evening didn’t include fast-casual Chinese fare—Chyna cooked—unsurprisingly, it did involve large quantities of brown liquor.

"There was a lot of Hennessy,” Rob explained.

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