When it comes to hamburgers, bigger is almost always better. Given the choice, few red-blooded Americans would choose a skinny fast-food patty over a toppling behemoth of juicy ground beef. Still, like with most great innovations, it seems we may have finally taken things too far. After a restaurant's customers joked that its burgers were so good it should make them "bigger," the owners took the challenge a little too seriously and ended up making a 100-pound meat monstrosity.  

While Dirigo's Public House in Yarmouth, Maine has been dishing out quality grub for months now, the bigger burger challenged happened to coincide with the restaurant's one-year anniversary celebration on Sunday. And though the patty itself clocked in at roughly 70 pounds, once the cooks added the massive bun needed to hold the burger, along with massive quantities of lettuce, tomato, and ketchup, the whole creation weighed closer to 100 pounds.

"It all starts as a joke," Ben Grant, the co-owner of the restaurant, told WCHS. "Everybody is like, 'haha, the burgers are really good, you should go bigger. [Still], it seemed inappropriate, especially pairing with our neighbors from down the street, to do something that is as excessive as this without some sort of community give-back." 

With that in mind, Grant and his wife Katie sold tickets to the anniversary party—allowing customers to grab a piece of the gargantuan burger during the celebration—and all of the proceeds ultimately went to the nearby Good Shepherd Food Bank.

"It's very exciting to celebrate our one-year anniversary," Katie said. "But at the same time, this is just a massive amount of food, and there are some people that don't have the luxury of going out to eat."

[via WCSH]