Munchies generally call for pizza, but pizza with weed as a topping? That's a new one. While that ingredient might fly in Colorado, where marijuana has been legal since 2012, and is frequently added to foodstuffs, New York has yet to legalize the ganj. Still, a New York restaurant owner—famously dubbed the "Pizza Nazi" for his extreme, Seinfeld-like behaviorwas busted Saturday for growing marijuana in the back of his restaurant, and he had some interesting excuses to offer. 

Police arrested Whitney Aycock after discovering a suspiciously pungent plant growing in the back of his shop—a nautical-themed pizza joint called Whit's End on Rockaway Boulevard in Queens. Unwilling to cop to the charge, the chef first tried to claim that the plant was a cooking herb. When that didn't work, he attempted to pass the weed off as catnip before telling to the cops to just go look for the guys who sold it to him. 

"Those are herbs. I use them for my restaurant," he said, according to DNAInfo“If it’s anything that it’s not supposed to be, then you shouldn’t be speaking to me. You should be speaking to the people who sold it to me.”​

Officers arrested the chef on three charges: growing unlicensed cannabis, disorderly conduct, and obstructing governmental administration. Aycock has two prior convictions, which are sealed, but he spoke with Grub Street in 2014 and revealed that he'd been arrested in Georgia for driving under the influence and bootlegging farm equipment. 

Aycock earned his reputation as the Pizza Nazi for his erratic, combative behavior behind the wood-fire over. If a customer complains that his or her pie is taking too long, they're not-so-kindly asked to leave. And if God forbid a customer asks for a specailty pie, the chef is known for jacking the price up by 500 percent if the item isn't listed on his menu. 

Sounds like Aycock's weed stash wasn't helping him chill out anyways.  

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