Earlier this year, McDonald’s in the Netherlands unveiled plans for “McTrax,” a placemat that would allow customers to record beats and lay down vocals while they noshed on their Happy Meals. 

At the time, we hypothesized that the new addition would give birth to a fresh wave of struggle rappers and aspiring DJs—artists desperate to kickstart their fledgling music careers. And now, it appears Pizza Hut is finally getting in on the game, one-upping McDonald’s by turning its pizza boxes into fully-functioning DJ booths.

Available only in the UK, Pizza Hut unveiled its new product on Thursday in a YouTube video starring British radio host DJ Vectra. With the phrase “Taste Freedom” emblazoned across the boxes, Vectra schools potential customers on how the set-up works, flattening one of the containers to reveal a cardboard turntable.

“This is the world’s first playable DJ pizza box,” he says. “You have your volume controls. It’s got a pitch speed up [and] slow down, as normal. You’ve got your cue button, your sync button, and your play button, of course. You also have a mixer to switch between both tracks, as standard. And you also have a scratch feature.”

The box connects to a phone or laptop via Bluetooth, and from there users can manipulate all the controls. The boxes are battery powered and were made by UK-based electronics company Novalia, which specializes in print electronics. UK residents can enter to win one of five free DJ boxes, though there are no plans to release the product in the US as of yet.

It's the latest attempt Pizza Hut's UK arm has made to stay hip. In May, franchises began offering craft beer-infused pizza crusts in an attempt to capitalize on the growing popularity of specialty brews.  

With this latest tactic, Pizza Hut is tapping into an even younger market eager to add its own spin on the music industry. If you're interested in becoming a DJ, but don't have the cash to launch that dream, you can get started for the low price of a large pie. 

[via Pitchfork]