There are two rules that should be followed if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia: 1) don't talk shit about the Eagles, and 2) don't talk shit about the cheesesteak. John Oliver did both of those things last week on an episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight, and now he's in the middle of a beef with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. 

During a segment on charter schools, Oliver referenced a number of cases in which Philadelphia school administrators had plead guilty to charges of fraud and obstruction of justice, and played a clip of the state's auditor saying that "Pennsylvania has the worst charter school law in the United States."

"It's not like having the worst 'something' is new for Pennsylvania. This is the state that has the worst football fans, the worst bell, and the worst regional delicacy," Oliver said as a photo of a cheesesteak flashed on screen. "If I wanted Cheese Whiz​ on my steak sandwich, I'd eat at Kiddie Cafeteria, the restaurant run by six-year-olds."

Well, when you disrespect Philly's two obsessions, you better believe you're going to get a response. And while Oliver probably won't be showing his face around Pat's or Gino's any time soon, he probably didn't expect a clap back from the city's mayor. Kenney hopped on Twitter after he saw the segment and called out Oliver and his fellow Brits for their own regional delicacy.

"Agree on charter oversight but English soccer fan who eats fish from newsprint can't judge Eagles fans, cheesesteaks,"​ the mayor wrote.

And other local lawmakers weren't happy about the segment either. Senator Anthony Hardy Williams said the host went "too far" in his attack on the city, and vowed to stop watching Oliver's program altogether.

"I really do enjoy your wit and informative style," Williams wrote in a letter, "but you went too far with your segment on Pennsylvania's charter schools."

"By the way, you also forgot to mention in your 'charter schools are terrible' commentary that this is also the state where traditional public schools have some major challenges," he added.