Have we finally reached peak Oreo flavor?

Sure, the company has a long, storied history of sandwiching strange tastes between two chocolate wafers. In June, Nabisco rolled out its “Blueberry Pie” and “Fruity Crisp” Oreos, and past flavors have included everything from key lime pie, to root beer float, to pumpkin spice, to cotton candy. But now, as the company has revealed its latest mash-up this week—Swedish Fish-flavored crème cookies—Oreo may finally just be trolling us with its over-the-top creations.

It just so happens that Mondelez International, the company that owns Nabisco, also manufactures Swedish Fish for American consumers. And while the pairing may seem like a no brainer for the company, fan reactions have been slightly more dubious, with concerned consumers taking to Twitter to express their disgust, confusion, and occasional delight. 

One adventurous eater couldn't get enough, though.

Stll, Oreo isn't the first snack-food company to test odd flavor combinations. Around the world, Doritos offers flavors like crsipy salmon, sausage, tuna fish, steak, and corn soup, and earlier this year Kit Kat one-upped its longstanding wasabi-flavored candies with sake-infused treats

[via Food and Wine]