As a professional athlete, making it to the Olympics takes extreme self-discipline, extending to nearly every facet of a competitor's life. For 23-time gold medalist Michael Phelps, that discipline has often translated to consuming a staggering 12,000 calories each day, shoveling pound after pound of pasta into his mouth for lunch and dinner.

Still, only a lucky few will get the chance to stand atop the podium in Rio this summer. For the rest of the athletes competing in the Olympics this year, they’ll lick their wounds after losing much like the rest of us—with massive quantities of junk food.

On Saturday, after Sawan Serasinghe and the rest of Australia’s badminton team lost to Chinese Taipei, failing to advance to the quarterfinals, the Olympian “celebrated” with four boxes of Chicken McNuggets, six burgers, six packs of French fries, and six cakes, according to Mashable.

Serasinghe posted a photo of his McDonald’s feast to Facebook and Instagram, writing that the meal was his reward after months of training.

“Have to say I am disappointed about the match today. We definitely had a good chance to stretch the match to three sets towards the end of the second set but couldn't close it out,” Serasinghe wrote. “Although having said that, there are lots of good things to learn from the matches in the last three days playing against more experienced pairs. Can't wait to go back home to start training and keep on improving!”

“Now it's time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean!” he adds.

Win or lose, Olympians often mark the end of a competition with some comfort food. Last week, gymnast Simone Biles revealed that she eats pepperoni pizza after each meet, and athletes having been waiting in the rain outside Olympic Village to get their hands on free Big Macs and fries. So many athletes have been “gorging” themselves on McDonald’s that the restaurant had to put a 20-item limit on each order, according to the Washington Post.

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