This is getting pathetic. In an election that has already been defined by thinly-veiled death threats and shockingly overt racism, it's surprising that one of the most offensive component's of the Trump campaign remains it's appalling taste in food.

At this point, the examples are almost to great to list: the infamous taco bowl tweet, the celebratory Big Mac and fries, Mike Pence's misadventures at a New York Chili's, and so on. The New York Times has famously claimed that Trump is hoping to be the country's first "fast food president."

Now, Pence is sucking up to his new boss the only way he knows how—by plopping down with a big ol' bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken while riding a private jet with his mother.

"Shoutout to @realDonaldTrump," Pence wrote on Twitter Monday night. "My mom and I also enjoy @KFC on the plane. #TrumpPence16"

Though Pence's "shoutout" has yet to snag that coveted Trump re-tweet, the post is a reference to the candidate's widely mocked photo from earlier this month. Grinning for the camera, Trump could be seen digging into a heavily salted piece of fried chicken with a fork and knife clutched in his tiny little hands.

While the vice presidential nominee has yet to be caught fetching Trump's McDonald's order—à la Chris Christie—if he was a real one, he'd be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Trump Grill. It looks like his boss could use the money.

While ribbing Trump and Pence for their strange obsession with fried chicken is all good and well, KFC, in particular, has become an odd, sexist meme inside the GOP in recent months, targeting the campaign's Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

In July, during the Republic National Convention, vulgar pins touting a KFC "Hillary Special" began circulating around Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena.

[via Mike Pence/Twitter]