The practice of properly deep-frying the breast, wing, leg, and thigh of a chicken is an almost sacred undertaking in American cooking, dating back to the 1700s. And, as with any art-form worth perfecting, there are plenty of ways to ruin the recipe. An inexperienced cook can easily make a plate of fried chicken taste too greasy or too dry, too salty or not salty enough.

But now, for some inexplicable, sacrilegious reason, some monster has finally gone too far, video-taping themselves attempting to cook fried-chicken from scratch using only a microwave, a plastic bag, curry powder, and some milk.

Don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of ingenious hacks for upping your microwave game. But the operative word in fried chicken is, well, “fried,” and anyone attempting to sizzle some raw poultry in a microwave should probably be banned from the kitchen altogether.

Still, the short, 38-second recipe video is full of other stomach churning steps, suggesting viewers marinate their chicken in milk for half-an-hour before topping it with a cup of curry powder. Aspiring microwave chefs are then instructed to shake the unholy mess in a plastic bag and nuke it for nine minutes on a some sort of chopsticks contraption.

At the end of the clip, once the chicken is allegedly “cooked,” the face of the victim tasked with trying the pink chicken wings is cut out of the shot, most likely for their own protection.

Though the origins of the video are unknown, the clip began circulating on Twitter last week, and people had some very, very visceral reactions to the scene.

[via BroBible]