Few things in life are more pleasurable than biting into a soft, freshly-baked doughnut. And, conversely, few human experiences are more disappointing than expecting a moist, doughy morsel and instead receiving a hunk of dry, crumbly garbage.  

Despite releasing a fairly ingenious Wild Cherry Slurpee earlier this year, 7-Eleven isn’t exactly known for producing fresh baked goods. Still, it makes sense that 19-year-old Daniel Schlagler would be upset when the doughnut he had hoped to enjoy in line at the convenience store failed to live up to his high expectations.

“I am not paying for it, I didn't like it," Schlagler, who also downed a Big Gulp in line, told the cashier. Since the teen had already been munching on the doughnut—and hadn’t coughed up a buck for the treat—the cops were called and he was arrested.

"This is a totally bogus arrest," Alan Cappelli, Schlagler's attorney, told DNAInfo. "They should have apologized and given him a fresh donut."

While up until this point it might seem easy to sympathize with the teen’s position—everyone loves doughnuts, after all—it turns out Schlagler is actually a heaping pile of trash masquerading as a person.

According to the Staten Island Advance, Schlagler was arrested last year for scribbling the words "White Power,” along with swastikas and other disgusting anti-Semitic hate speech—on a wall in his native Staten Island.

It sounds like an aversion to stale doughnuts is the least of Schlagler’s problems. Compared to this guy, Ariana Grande can lick all the fried pastries she wants.

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