Remember the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Of course you don't. But if there was one event worth remembering, it was Lady Gaga showing up in a dress made entirely out of raw flank steak. Well, one Chinese restaurant remembers, and they've turned Gaga's fashion statement into an entrée. 

According to Rocket News 24, the dish is being served at a hotpot restaurant in Beijing, and the dish is creating quite the stir (pun intended). At hotpot restaurants, a simmering vat of broth is traditionally set in the middle of a table as customers cook pieces of thinly sliced beef, vegetables, and dumplings. The practice has existed in parts of East Asia for centuries, so to spice things up a little bit this particular restaurant decided to recreate Gaga's iconic dress by wrapping a bunch of Barbie dolls in mutton and serving the toy on a platter.  

Apparently, the idea is that as customers peel the beef dress apart and drop the meat in the hotpot "the doll’s body will become more and more exposed with each slice removed." 

Is removing raw meat from a toy in the hopes of revealing the figure of a naked woman just a little offensive? Well, according to members of the popular Chinese blog site Weibo, yes, yes it is. Some guests have started to call the dish "sexist," and are also questioning the cleanliness of sticking a bunch of lamb meat onto a plastic toy. 

"It's very disgusting. We don't even know whether the staff cleaned the doll or not," one user wrote, according to Shanghaiist. "Why can't we just eat meats without any kind of stupid tricks like this?" another asked. 

While Lady Gaga at least accepted a silver Moon Man while wearing her meat dress, it doesn't sound like this restaurant will be winning awards anytime soon. 

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