In 2016, every celebrity has to have a cookbook. Over the course of the last 12 months, Questlove dropped "Something to Food About,” Chrissy Teigen's "Cravings" reached bestseller status, and every other day it felt like Gwyneth Paltrow was pushing another collection of kale-fueled recipes. Now, Lady Gaga, a singer perhaps best known for draping herself in raw meat, wants to actually teach you how to cook it.

Well, sort of.

While it sometimes feels like Lady Gaga was transported here from another planet, the singer lived most of her life as Stefani Germanotta on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, the owner of Joanne Trattoria on West 68th Street, has a new cookbook coming out this November. And who better to write the foreword to the Joanne Trattoria Cookbook than Germanotta’s very, very famous daughter?

Fans can pre-order a hardcover copy of the book for $24, and a blurb about the text is currently available on Amazon:

"Family, food, and love are the foundation upon which Joe Germanotta and his wife, Cynthia, raised their daughters, Natali and Stefani (aka Lady Gaga). Named for his sister who died of Lupas [sic] three months shy of ther [sic] 20th birthday, their family-run restaurant is built on those same fundamental principals [sic]. In the pages of this cookbook, Joe has collected recipes and entertaining anecdotes inspried [sic] by his world famous restaurant."

As Eater notes, the book is currently the best-selling new release in Amazon's Italian Cooking section. Spelling might not be their strongest suit, but hey, the Germanottas are clearly doing something right.

While we were disappointed that Kelis' cookbook, My Life on a Plate, failed to include a milkshake recipe, we’re just hoping that Gaga’s forward finally features some instructions on how to fashion a proper meat dress. But according to Page Six, it sounds like all we’re going to get is hints for how to prepare the family’s “Lasagna de la Casa” and “Papa G’s Chicken Scarpariello.”

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