In 2016, nearly 60 years after Momofuku Ando first created the phenomenon known as "instant ramen," the cliché is that the freeze-dried noodle packages are reserved solely for broke college students.

And while it’s true that ramen can be a tasty (albeit sodium-packed) snack for those on a tight budget, over the years people have found ways to turn 13-cent packs of noodles into gourmet bowls of soup with just a few simple ingredients. The ability to improvise and improve upon Momofuku Ando’s great invention is a source of pride for ramen aficionados around the world.

With all that said, how exactly does Kylie Jenner fit into the picture?

Though Jenner is perhaps best known for selling cosmetics and dating aspiring rappers, the 18-year-old reality TV star also appreciates the finer things in life. Last week, Jenner made the mistake of sharing one of her own personal ramen hacks with her fans on Snapchat—a recipe which called for garlic powder, egg, and butter.

To be fair, these are perfectly reasonable additions to a bowl of ramen—simply, household ingredients that can turn a watery snack into a hearty meal—but the Internet is a cold, cruel place, and Twitter responded by trolling Jenner with a series of ridiculous recipes of their own.

The Internet was also shocked that Jenner—who just received a new Mercedes-Benz Maybach from Tyga for her upcoming 19th birthday—would need to eat a bowl of ramen noodles at all. 

Still, Kylie has actually been a Top Ramen fan since day one, tweeting that the noodles are "literally" all she eats in 2013. 

Don't sweat the technique, Twitter. 

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