If the greasy, golden-brown hue of a piece of fried chicken sounds like the perfect tan to end the summer, then KFC has you covered. On Monday, the company unveiled a special "Extra Crispy Sunscreen" designed to give beach-goers the perfect baste. (Yes, for some reason this is a real product, and yes, for a limited time only, it's 100 percent free.) 

More than helping you develop a delicious glow, Extra Crispy Sunscreen also has a tantalizing aroma. KFC's incredibly scientific info-graphic explains how everything works. As the sun's ultraviolet rays hit the SPF 30 lotion, the cream begins to release a "fried chicken scent," so that you, too, can smell like the inside of a fast-food chicken joint. 

On social media, the company shared a brief one-minute infomercial starring KFC's latest—and incredibly tan—Colonel Sanders: George Hamilton.

"My Extra Crispy Sunscreen doesn't just keep you smelling great," the actor-turned-fast-food pitchman says. "It keeps you feeling delicious!" Life comes at you fast, George. 

Still, this is not the first time KFC has used its trademark scent to launch a beauty accessory. In May, the company created "Finger Lickin' Good" nail polish. Made in both Original and Hot & Spicy flavors, KFC super-fans could suck on their fingertips after applying the polish and get rewarded with a hearty taste of chicken.

Though the sunscreen is currently available on KFC's website, be careful. The company only offers up one warning, but it's a strong one: Don't eat it.

"KFC® Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen is not a food product. NOT a food product. Do not eat this product," the chain writes, really driving the point home. "Even though this product smells delicious, it is not delicious. The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken."

Message received, KFC. 

[via Eater]