Though Drake has become best known for beef in recent months—feuding with Meek Mill, then Joe Budden, and now, perhaps, Eminem—the rapper’s face actually lends itself surprisingly well to a simpler dish of rice and seaweed.

Over the last several weeks, a Japanese restaurant in Italy called Sakana Sushi has been turning the faces of Drizzy, Snoop Dogg, and LeBron James into strange, edible caricatures. And though the creations have been called “sushi” by some (come on, guys), Sakana is putting a celebrity spin on onigiri, the nori-wrapped, triangular rice balls popular throughout Japan.

We’ve seen Justin Bieber as a pancake. We’ve seen Donald Trump as a doughnut. We’ve seen a man paint a portrait of Eminem out of spaghetti sauce. But these may be some of the oddest food odes to celebrities we’ve witnessed.

LeBron James

Unsurprisingly, the restaurant currently has two stars on Yelp.

[via ESPN]