Ketchup, long America's favorite condiment, has been going through a bit of a rough patch in recent years. Most sensible people would agree that topping a burger and fries off with a bottle of Heinz is practically a prerequisite for citizenship in this country. The majority of fast-food aficionados would also argue that ketchup belongs on a hot dog, though there's some debate around the practice.

The conversation gets a little more complicated, however, when we make our way down to eggs (Anthony Bourdain recently bemoaned the practice on Twitter), and items like ketchup-flavored chips have some wondering if the world has finally reached peak condiment.

Still, regardless of your feelings on the red stuff, few can deny that ketchup and dessert just don't mix—an unholy union that can only result in a soft, tangy mess of nightmare fuel.

For some unknowable reason, Heinz, the world's leading ketchup purveyor, recently decided to put a recipe for "ketchup cake" on its bottles in Canada. This being the Internet, some sick bastard on Reddit actually decided to make the dessert, and people have been freaking out about the stomach-churning creation all month.

Hundreds of Redditors have responded to the initial thread, voicing their outrage over the confectionery abomination while sharing their own disgusting, unsolicited cake recipes.

User gregnuttle documented his misadventures in baking both on Imgur and in a series of YouTube videos. In the clips, Greg can be seen preparing the cake before finally coming to his senses and and feeding the "dessert" to his dog.

Still, Greg and his friends do finally take a couple bites in the end. "That's a perfectly acceptable cake," one maniac says. "It's gingery," adds another. 

May God have mercy on our souls. 


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