Still asking for a fork every time you go out for Japanese food? Got a giant stash of take-out chopsticks cluttering up your silverware drawer? Here's an idea: turn those unused utensils into a musical instrument. That's what Tokyo-based composer Sami Elu did, and damn did it turn out well.

According to Mashable, Elu, who was born in Boston and moved to Japan in 2006, created the instrument by strapping piano wires to a plank of wood and then replacing the keys with chopsticks. With his right hand, Elu plucks at the strings like a harp, while his left hand creates a jangling, ambient melody with the wooden sticks.

And while Elu could probably play a pretty mean version of “Chopsticks” if he wanted to (luckily, he spares us the obvious selection), the musician also made a percussion section with drums and symbols, creating a full sonic experience for his listeners.

This probably isn't the last you'll hear from Elu. He’s been making his own instruments for years—though the video above showcases his most intricate invention to date—and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Now sit back, relax, and let the soothing sounds of Elu's chopsticks put your mind at ease.

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