At this point, there's pretty solid evident to suggest that Gilbert Arenas is a terrible friend. If you're ever invited to Arenas' house for a drink, please heed this warning and politely decline. Nothing good will come of it. 

Agent Zero flamed out of the NBA shortly after a bringing gun into the Washington Wizards locker room in 2009, and since that fateful day, there hasn't been much positive press surrounding the man. Last month, the former ball players—whose name on Snapchat is appropriately "NoChillGil"—broke into Nick Young's house, filming himself as he made fun of the Lakers guard's son and clowned on his "friend" for his excruciatingly public break-up with Iggy Azalea.

Well, Arenas is back at it again. After a friend of took 14 shots of Hennessy and passed out on his bathroom floor, the ex-player, of course, grabbed his phone and started recording. Channeling his inner frat boy, he then found a box of Wheaties and a bag of flour and started covering his buddy with food. 

"You a clown," Arenas can be heard saying in the video as he pours the flour on the man. "I gotta paint your face."

It's probably a pretty safe bet that Arenas had a few shots of Henny, too, but we digress. Either way, we're betting his homie wasn't too hyped when he finally woke up looking like a bowl of cereal. 

[via Bro Bible]