A filing cabinet is generally one of the most boring pieces of furniture a person can have in his or her home. Filled to the brim with forms and documents, the cabinet generally gets shoved in a damp basement corner, collecting dust until it’s time for Tax Day. But one man in Holly Springs, Mississippi has found an ingenious way to transform his old filing cabinet into a fully-functional smoker.

In a video posted to Facebook earlier this month, Joshua McIntyre—who, according to his profile, studied “how to hustle and make money” at the Real University—can be seen opening each of the cabinet’s drawers, revealing layer upon layer of perfectly browned chicken wings and ribs.

“Hey, my file cabinet on fire, man!" the Office Depot pit master says incredulously. "Let's check it out and see what we got going on."

And just how did McIntyre turn his filing cabinet into a backyard smokehouse, you ask? The chef reveals the trick after pulling open the bottom two drawers where a stack of coals can be seen simmering beneath a pan of water, filling the cabinet with steam.

“Give me about an hour, man. I’ma have that meat ready for y’all,” McIntyre promises.

While McIntyre is clearly one of the leading innovators of our time, it appears the four-story filing cabinet grill is a bit of a trend. In the comments for the video—which currently boasts over 3.5 million views—one man claims his father made a similar contraption in their backyard.