Have you ever been out on a date with someone you just don't click with and can't think of a good excuse to end the evening early? Having a friend make an "emergency" phone call is beyond played out. And besides, once you casually pull a piece of cold fried-chicken out of your pocket, we're guessing you won't need to make up any excuses.  

Allow us to introduce the fried chicken phone case. Produced by a company called Meerkat, the product is currently available on Amazon for $29.99, and is sure to scare away any ill-advised Tinder date. The case is clear plastic, and, yes, comes with a silicone piece of fried chicken attached to the backside. 

The chicken looks eerily lifelike, and besides using the product to troll blind dates, customers have been whipping the cases out in the hopes of striking up conversations.

"This is definitely something unique and a conversation starter!" one reviewer wrote. "It does in fact look like some fried chicken. And the clear case that it's glued to is way better then I expected. I honestly find the piece of chicken more of a useful object then just a conversation starter. The only down side is the price, it would get 5 stars if it were $20-$25"

While the price is considerably higher than a greasy bucket of fried chicken at KFC or Popeyes, the case is at least available for a variety of iPhone models, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6. Everyone loves fried chicken, regardless of smartphone preference. Still, if chicken isn't your thing, Meerkat has some shrimp and salmon sushi phone cases in stock, too.  

"Get this Salmon Sushi phone case before someone else eats it all," the description reads. 

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