Frank Ocean is having a pretty good week. On Saturday, the 28-year-old singer released the visual album, Endless, along with the 17-track LP Blonde, one of the most highly-anticipated records in recent memory. And by releasing his 366-page Boys Don’t Cry zine, Ocean is also indirectly responsible for the greatest food-inspired poem of all time: “McDonald’s Man” by one Kanye West.

What better way to celebrate a slew of new career milestones (Blonde is expected to sell more than 250,000 copies in its first week and go number one on the Billboard 200 Chart) than with a nice slice of birthday cake?

While Ocean’s actual birthday isn’t until October, his Odd Future compatriot Tyler, the Creator gifted him with a blue, yellow, and white frosted cake to help commemorate the occasion.

On Tuesday, Ocean posted a photo on his Tumblr page holding the colorfully decorated dessert while donning a black t-shirt with the words "I Am Not Famous Anymore" emblazoned across its chest. ":) Birthday cake for Blonde. Thanks Tyler,” he captioned the image, emoticon and all.

In the days leading up to the release of Blonde, Ocean and Tyler were spotted street racing in Los Angeles while A$AP Rocky captured the entire affair on Snapchat. Tyler contributed vocals to the bonus track "Golden Girl" from 2012’s Channel Orange, wrote a poem called “Tricolor” for Boys Don’t Cry, and also has a production credit on the song "Skyline To" off Blonde.

While Ocean’s birthday cake isn’t decked out with edible blunts and Promethazine bottles like Chief Keef’s, it’s ultimately the thought that counts.

[via Complex]