Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has made several questionable decisions this election season, and among them his eating choices continue to stick out. From his infamous Cinco de Mayo taco bowl to the photos released of him eating McDonald's on his Jet this past May.

On Monday evening, the candidate attempted to replicate the social media popularity of his McDonald's photo by posting a nearly identical one of him eating KFC on his jet. Just like his fellow Americans.  

Can you spot the differences? (Hint: No tie) 


Perhaps most offensive of all is that Trump is using what appears to be real silverware to cut into his Kentucky-fried chicken thigh. Classy. A side spoon for gravy and prominently arranged sections of the Wall Street Journal topped with a glass salt shaker also make a nice touch.  

Unsurprisingly, the Internet is not having it with Trump and his antics and his choice of KFC over Popeyes has become a national debate.

And of course, there's always the conspiracy theory that this entire campaign has been to promote Trump as the next Colonel. Or Ronald McDonald.

Most importantly, Trump may have been trying to send a subliminal message to voters.

With his poor fast food choices, Trump is of course in good company, with running mate Mike Pence notoriously having eaten 5 p.m. dinner at Chili's in New York City.