Back in 2013, on the track “Young Rambos,” an 18-year-old Chief Keef declared, “I get cake like it's my birthday.” Now, after celebrating his 21st birthday earlier this week, the Chicago rapper is finally putting his money where his mouth it—literally.

According to TMZ, Keef dropped $1,000 on his three-tier birthday cake, which featured edible blunts, buttercream gold chains, and a decorative bottle of Promethazine, a codeine cough syrup commonly used to make lean.

And while Keef’s long history with drug use is well-documented, TMZ assures fans no sizzurp was actually used in the making of the cake. The rapper actually swore of Promethazine, in particular, in 2014, but apparently the he’s still allowed around a bottle as long as it’s made out of frosting.

“My last two mixtapes were mistakes,” he told XXL. “I was on promethazine, all drugged out. I was tweaking. I don’t sip the lean no more though.”

The birthday treat reportedly took four hours for Marc Gravelle to bake at Cake and Art in West Hollywood, and also featured edible artwork from Bill da Butcher—Keef’s “nearly in-house fine artist from Southern California.”

According to XXL, the rapper also received a new Rolls Royce from his manager as a present, and dropped two fresh tracks, “Police” and “Run Em Ova,” in honor of his 21st year.

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