Another week, another food truck disaster. So far this summer, a bread truck and a deli meat truck collided on a New Jersey highway, a trailer spilled 40,000 Popeye's biscuits on a road in Mississippi, and a beer truck rained cans of Miller Genuine Draft over a Colorado overpass.

Now, in a cruel and ironic twist of fate, hundreds of live chickens were thrown out of a semi truck in Melbourne, Australia this week, landing directly in front of a KFC. Jess Carter, a vegan and chicken sympathizer, happened to walk by the scene, and captured the ensuing chaos on video.

Of course, passersby couldn't help but chuckle at the coincidence—dozens of birds miraculously tumbling toward the door of a fast-food chicken joint—but Carter was not amused in the slightest.

"People were joking about it, saying KFC won't have to pluck their chickens at least now," she told the Age. "It highlights to me that people are so indifferent to their suffering even after they've been through a trauma like that. Nobody was really showing any respect for life."

“Fuck humans,” she later added on Facebook, really driving home the gravity of the situation. “FUCK!!!' I'm so upset.”

While sadly a number of birds did not survive the crash, hundreds of chickens escaped the truck, and, subsequently, the deep-fryer. And though Carter initially thought the whole incident was a stunt, the video shows a group of helpers putting the injured chickens back in their crates.

"The fact that there were dead and injured chickens and the way they were handling them, there's just no way that any animal group would do that," Carter said. "It truly was just one of those terrible coincidences."

We guess it's a little too soon to start making "Why did the chicken cross the road" jokes, huh? 

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