Late last night, three-time Olympic gold medalist Carmelo Anthony got a little hungry. Having spent the past month in Rio, helping Team USA trounce Serbia 96-66, the New York Knicks forward took his wife, La La Anthony, and their son, Kiyan, down the street to the bodega, just like any real New Yorker would. There's only one problem—Carmelo Anthony is not a regular New Yorker. 



A video posted by LaLa (@lala) on Aug 25, 2016 at 7:54pm PDT


The NBA superstar didn't see any reason to change his clothes for the late-night bodega run, showing up to the store wearing nothing but an Olympic hat, and a white bath robe with the word "Melo" emblazoned across the front. Even if Anthony never wins an NBA Championship with the Knicks, his legacy as a style icon has been officially cemented. 

While it's quite possible Anthony rocks a bathrobe to the bodega every night—looking like Tony Soprano on his way to pick up the morning paper—La La managed to capture some photo evidence this time around, clowning on her husband, and posting the clips to Snapchat and Instagram. 

"You just had to wear the robe with your name on it, right? 'Cause that wasn't going to attract any attention, right?" La La says playfully in one of the clips, as Melo clutches a wad of bills. "You talking real aggressive. I'll knock you out."

"I’m coming from my house," Anthony shoots back. "This is what I wear!"​


"WHEN KEEPING IT HOOD GOES WRONG!!" 😂😂😂😂 go look at this foolery on my snap 👻lala

A video posted by LaLa (@lala) on Aug 25, 2016 at 7:33pm PDT

Though Anthony spent the majority of his youth in Baltimore, the ballplayer originally hails from Red Hook, Brooklyn. And if this doesn't make Melo the realest New Yorker out he, than we don't know what will (well, beside rocking some Timberlands with that robe.) Either way, this bodega power move almost makes up for the Knicks' garbage 32 wins last season. 

[via Instagram/Lala]