In a world where celebrities take on monikers like “Kimye” and "Brangelina​" the moment they couple up, it only makes sense that the union of two fast-food staples would get the same star treatment. Enter: "The Whopperrito." 

Burger King first introduced the hamburger-burrito hybrid back in June—testing the Frankenstein creation at select locations throughout the US—but on Monday, the company announced it would be releasing the Whopperrito nationally on August 15 after a local market debut "sparked widespread demand from guests."​

A new, Tex-Mex-style spin on BK's classic burger, the item feature lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a creamy queso sauce, as well as flame-grilled beef that's been seasoned with "authentic" spices.

“We’re infusing classic American fare with Tex-Mex flare,” Alex Macedo, Burger King's North American president, said in a press release. "The Whopperito is a new interpretation of the Tex-Mex trend in a way that only Burger King restaurants could imagine and uses the classic flame-grilled 100% beef Whopper sandwich meat to set this burger-burrito hybrid apart from other burritos out there." 

While the idea of chopping up some burger meat and throwing it in a tortilla isn't exactly a groundbreaking innovation, the Whopperrito is far from the first time Burger King has tried to get creative with its menu. The company has a long, controversial history when it comes to creating over-the-top items, introducing everything from red and black burger buns, to sticks of deep-fried macaroni and cheese battered in Cheetos crumbs

Still, merging the worlds of burritos and burgers could mark a new trend in the fast-food game. Though Chipotle hasn't gone quite as far as Burger King, last month the burrito company announced plans to launch a classic burger chain called "Tasty Made" in Ohio this fall.