Bill Murray is an undisputed legend. So apocryphal are the tales of Murray’s impromptu interactions with fans, that an entire corner of the Internet is dedicated to the sole purpose of chronicling the actor’s increasingly eccentric adventures. These stories—and there are literally hundreds of them—generally end with the phrase, “No one will ever believe you.”

Over the weekend, Bill "Groundhog-Day, Ghostbustin'-ass" Murray allegedly strolled into a restaurant at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and helped himself to some fries off a complete stranger’s plate. And while typically few would believe such a story—especially since the tale began circulating on Redditthis time, there appears to be photo evidence.

“He walked in with a (very good looking) man and woman, and a few heads had turned when they came in,” the Reddit user Sonowthatimhere wrote. “They took a fairly private spot, but I had a clear sideways view and could see him occasionally looking around the room in a rather obvious way.”

Apparently, Murray “gave everyone in the restaurant a good laugh” with the stunt, and shoved the food “right into [the] fry-hole” without dipping it in any ketchup.

As Time points out, this isn’t the first Bill Murray story involving stolen fries. Six years ago, another Redditor using the handle Lurker32 claimed to have his food snatched out from under him in New York’s Times Square.

“When I was waiting to cross at the 46th and 7th crosswalk I noticed a hand slip around me from behind and grab two of my fries. In my confusion I turned around and HOLY SHIT ITS BILL FUCKING MURRAY!” the post reads. “Before I could get a word out, he yelled over the crowd, ‘No one will ever believe you.’ He then cross to the other side of 7th avenue and disappeared into the crowd.”

We believe you, Lurker32. We believe you.

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