Humanity’s love for bacon seems to know no bounds. In 2016, there’s bacon-flavored soda, bacon-flavored beer, bacon-flavored toothpaste, and bacon-flavored massage oil. Even after a damning study linked bacon consumption to an increased risk of developing cancer, people still couldn’t help themselves from shoving slabs of cured pig meat in their mouths.

But now, we may have finally found the image that causes society to put down the pork for good. Earlier this week, a woman named Mandy Pella shared a photo of a slab of bacon with what appears to be a nipple still attached to its side. 

“I was going to make blt's for dinner until I realized my bacon still had a nipple on it,” she wrote matter-of-factly.

Though the picture has since been deleted, Twitter exploded in disgust in the days following the post. 

While Pella’s original post was shared nearly 10,000 times before it dissapeared—and the photo does have the undeniable power to turn a person off breakfast sandwiches for a while—the idea of a nipple-laden bacon slab isn’t entirely unprecedented given the fact that pigs have, well, nipples. 

On Reddit, users urged the woman to “just eat around the nipple,” and shared photos of their own aesthetically-challenged bacon bits.

“Butchers used to intentionally give the nipple bacon out to rude/abusive customers. Usually as a free sample,” one user wrote. "I personally found it pretty hilarious.”

Another user pointed out the fact that most meat-eaters have probably eaten pig’s nipple before—and worse—in their hot dogs.

“Yeah, I don't think I've ever been turned off from bacon before,” another commenter added. “Leave it to fucking Reddit.”