Just because a man has gone on to host his own late-night talk show—interviewing presidential candidates and mocking Kanye West in the process—doesn't mean he never ordered some drunk diner food in his youth. That was certainly the case with Stephen Colbert, who revealed during the Late Show Thursday night that he spent his teenage nights in a Charleston, South Carolina Waffle House eating "the entire left side of the menu" with his friends.  

Colbert has been a fan of the Georgia-based restaurant chain for years. But when the host found out that Waffle House had its own record label—and that all songs on the restaurant's jukeboxes are actually about the chain itself—he enlisted the help of alt-country singer Sturgill Simpson, and set out to record his own late-night diner anthem. 

"Strurgill and I are about to go into the Waffle House I spent my young drunkenness in, and we're going to play our song for the very first time officially on the jukebox," Clobert says before marching to the restaurant with Simpson riding on his back. 

The result of the duo's collaboration is "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Knuckleheads," a song about the common mistakes stoned customers make at the late-night breakfast joint. To debut the song, Colbert and Simpson tore through the host's old stomping grounds—interrogating customers about being high, throwing on some aprons, and tossing a bunch of waffles around the restaurant's kitchen.

"No Shoes, No Shirt, No Knuckleheads" is now officially on every Waffle House juke box in America," Colbert boasts and the end of the segment. "Go play it five times whenever you're at Waffle House."

[via YouTube]