So far, plenty of strange, shocking, and overall frightening moments have taken place at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week. But Stephen Colbert may have just exposed one of the oddest.

On Tuesday, the Late Show host used Facebook Live to film the condiment station inside the Quicken Loans Arena for over two hours, truly encapsulating just how mundane a convention of political navel gazing can be.

“Half-a-million people watched delegates put ketchup on their hot dogs,” Colbert said on his show that night, recapping the monotony of the livestream. “Proving what we already knew—the Republican party is a bit of a sausage fest.”

The biggest clown at the party however was Fox News' Bret Baier, who was caught towards the end of the stream pumping a water bottle full of French's mustard—a scandal now aptly dubbed #MustardGate.

Why, you ask, was a news anchor once dubbed a “lunatic” by the White House hoarding so much mustard? Was it to achieve the same golden, mustard-hued highlights of Donald Trump’s combover? Perhaps. Was is it to help feed his former boss, Roger Ailes, now that he’s most likely out of a job? Quite possibly. But regardless of Baier​'s true motives, the host is playing the whole thing off as a planned stunt.

On Fox News’ Special Report Tuesday night, Baier also tried to clarify his intentions.

“No he did not catch me,” Baier laughed awkwardly after replaying the clip on his show. “I really don’t drink French’s mustard. No that’s not the secret to my weight loss. No I was not trying to save the mustard for later for hot dogs. It was a joke.” (Unlike Colbert, Fox News anchors are not exactly known for their funny jokes)

Baier, who appeared on the Late Show last week to discuss the on-going sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes, criticized Colbert's comedic chops. Seeming to take a page out of Trump's political playbook, the host claimed that his mustard-filled water bottle was just a ploy to get Colbert riled up.

"[I thought,] 'Maybe this would get his attention,'" Baier explained. "It did.”

Whether or not the mustard-hoarding scheme was actually a planned comedy routine, Baier seems really uncomfortable being the butt of his own poorly executed joke.

[via Late Show With Stephen Colbert]