Few activities are more wrought with peril than strapping an ear of corn to a power drill. And yet, for some inexplicable reason, men and women in China cannot seem to resist the challenge of stripping a corn cob of its kernels with terrifying speed and an alarming lack of accuracy. 

Earlier this year, a horrified Chinese girl could be seen ripping a chunk of her scalp out while attempting to recreate the trick, and just last week, new footage surfaced of a man knocking his two front teeth out of his head almost instantaneously. There has simply never been a more appropriate time to shake one's damn head. 

The trick is said to have been originated by a YouTube personalty known as Eater Yang earlier this year—with stray bits of corn flying into the man's mouth as he works his way across the ear—but the feat has proved incredibly difficult to mimic. 

With Yang's toothless admirer, it becomes clear almost immediately that the maneuver is going to end in tragedy. From the moment his finger touches the trigger he looks panicked, and within seconds his expression turns to sheer terror as his teeth go flying in different directions. 

According to the Daily Mail, reactions on the Chinese social networking site Weibo have ranged from bewilderment to outright alarm. 

"This is very dangerous!" one user wrote. "'It was hair last time and now it is teeth," added another. 

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