Espionage isn't just for the military anymore. When Michael Nettles left his job in the corporate offices of Panera Bread, he probably didn't think that his former employer was about to sue him and his new company. But that's exactly what happened, with Panera suing Nettles and Papa John's, his new employer, over a non-compete clause and a confidentiality agreement. 

According to ABC, Nettles had worked for four years as a vice president in Panera's information technology department before leaving for Papa John's, where Panera claims that Nettles had access to and knowledge of proprietary trade secrets. 

"Allowing Nettles to use this confidential information for the benefit of Papa John's provides Papa John's with an unfair competitive advantage, and would allow Nettles to unlawfully compete with Panera," the lawsuit says.

And while Nettles might just know the secrets to Panera's tomato soup or which point-of-sale system makes cashiers hate their lives less, Papa John's says that they don't care about Nettles knowledge, and they certainly don't care about Panera's secrets. 

"We are disappointed by Panera's actions, as we do not consider them a competitive business," Papa John's said in a written statement. "We have no need or desire to access Panera's confidential or proprietary information."

And to be fair, Papa John's is probably right—with more than twice the amount of locations in 37 more countries than Panera, Papa John's seems to be doing okay without the chain's soup-and-sandwich secrets

If Panera has its say, though, Papa John's will owe money from damages and Nettles would be forced to leave his job at the pizza giant until his non-compete clause expires in a year. 

Either way, we've already talked to the studios and are planning a very intense Michael Nettles spy bio-pic for next summer starring Seth Rogan. Now we just wait for the money to come in. 

[via ABC News