By 2016—a year in which the Internet already voted to name a $300 million ship "Boaty McBoatface"—you'd think McDonald's might have learned its lesson: crowdsourcing ideas from the dark depths of the web almost always ends in unmitigated disaster. 

Still, the New Zealand arm of the multi-national fast-food chain recently launched—and quickly canceled—a "Create Your Taste" promotionencouraging Internet trolls to "make burger history" by re-mixing McDonald's ingredients in new, interesting ways. From the very beginning, the ill-advised promotional campaign was like watching a car crash happen in ultra-slow motion.

Bribed with the promise of free fries and soft drinks for participating, users set to work naming their own meals. Though a "swear filter" was in place, according to the Telegraph, that didn't stop customers from getting inventive with their spelling and creating some truly terrifying monstrosities. 

 "You are on the verge of making history," the contest promised participants. And, true to the company's word, some of these burger creations will be hard to forget. 

From the "Bernie Socialist Feast," to the "Benghazi Chickenwich," to simply "Girth, here, via Dorkly, are some of the most disturbing fast-food inventions known to man.

Still, the most enduring creation, however, may be "Ron's Creamy Surprise," an all condiment abomination made by some sick, mayonnaise-obsessed mind. 

Let's just stick to Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets from now on, guys. 

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