It seems like only yesterday when customers had to scramble to the nearest McDonald’s before the restaurant stopped serving breakfast. Kids today will never know what it truly means to struggle. But even though the fast-food giant extended its breakfast menu to an all-day affair last October, not every location offered the same items.

Well, that’s all about to change.

Beginning in September, McDonald’s locations across the U.S. will start serving all three breakfast sandwich options—the biscuit, the McMuffin, and the infamous, syrup-infused McGriddleall damn day long.

Following the initial all-day breakfast announcement in 2015, customers found that menu items varied depending on which McDonald’s location they visited. For those blessed individuals living in select states in the south, biscuits and McGriddles were available all day, while the rest of the country was only offered the McMuffin.

“Bottom line: there wasn't enough room on our grills to make the eggs for both our McMuffins and our Biscuits,” the company wrote on its website. In order to further clarify which breakfast sandwiches were available in which areas, McDonald’s designed a map for its website, explaining that the company's executives had worked with different locations to discover the most popular sandwiches in each region.

While all-day breakfast seems to be hugely popular with customers, McDonald’s franchisees have not been loving the recent menu expansions—and the addition of biscuits, McMuffins, and McGriddles will certainly add to the load. In 2015, several franchisees believed the company was in a “deep depression” and might be facing its “final days.” But, as they always say, you can't make a McGriddle without breaking a few eggs. 

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