Kanye West loves ice cream. Kanye West loves birthday cake. Kanye West loves reindeer meat. These are truths about the rapper that all die-hard Yeezus fans have come to know, respect, and love over the years.

But a lesser known fact about Kanye is that he’s a fast-food aficionado, eating at McDonald’s and Wendy’s and owning a Fat Burger in Chicago from 2008 to 2011. In 2014, it was even rumored that the Louis Vuitton Don was going to buy Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings as a wedding present.

Now, Yeezy has blessed us with some food porn from his trip to Paris, snapping a photo of his burger and fries at Ferdi, a Spanish restaurant on Rue du Mont Thabor near the Seine. The shot is slightly sus to be honest—the burger is cut off by the vertical frame and the lighting is terrible (come on, Kanye)—but Ferdi is supposedly one of Kim’s favorite restaurants in the world.

While pregnant in 2015, she flew from Los Angeles to Paris just to eat a slice of cheesecake from Hotel Costes, and then followed it up with some churros from the Spanish burger joint.

Though it's common knowledge that yeezy and his girl "split the bucket at KFC," ​now we know once and for all that the first burger of the day always goes to Ye. 

[via Kanye West/Twitter]