While Americans are busy disgracing themselves by competing in kale-eating contests (smdh), an up-and-coming champ named Yuka Kinoshita is putting eating legends like Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie to shame.

Known as a “gluttonous beautiful woman” in her native Japan, Kinoshita has nearly half a billion views on her YouTube channel, where fans wait anxiously for her to shovel an unseemly amount of food into her face. In one of her most recent challenges, Kinoshita took advantage of a new deal at McDonald’s—15 McNuggets for 380 yen (roughly $3.76 USD)—by inhaling 150 of the suckers.

While most would be begging for mercy after the first box, Kinoshita plows through the nuggets with a smile on her face, fawning over how “delish” McDonald’s Japan’s new curry fruit and creamy cheese dipping sauces are.

“In one box there are 15 nuggets,” Kinoshita says, holding the food up to the camera. “This makes me so happy. Usually it’s only 5 pieces!”

While many of Kinoshita’s videos feature her eating massive amounts of Japanese dishes—like heaps of yakitori, udon, and donburi—occasionally she tries her hand at American staples, inhaling some Kentucky fried chicken with maple syrup, and attempting to finish 100 hamburgers, stopping at 62 only because she ran out of time.

We think we might be in love.

[via Foodbeast]