It’s a dilemma all pizza lovers have faced at least once in their lives: do you err on the side of caution and order a personal pie, or instead throw caution to the wind and splurge on the extra-large?

While it’s rarely a bad idea to get additional pizza, now, thanks to the YouTube channel asapSCIENCE, the choice is even more obvious. If you sit down and dredge up all those equations you learned about area and circumference in geometry class back in high school, the answer becomes surprisingly clear.

While intuition might lead one to believe that a 16-inch pizza is twice as large as an 8-inch pizza, in fact that large pie is really four times the size of the smaller one. If you plug the pizza’s radius into the equation A=πr2, one finds that the face of an 8-inch pie is 50 inches, while a 16-inch pie really boasts 200 inches of cheesy goodness.

“Most of the time, the difference in price between an 8-inch pizza and a 16-inch pizza isn’t even two times more expensive, let alone four times more expensive,” the videos states. “The bigger the diameter of the pizza, the more bang for your buck.”

[via asapSCIENCE/YouTube]