In one of the most delightfully tacky, yet unrefined moves in recent memory, a Cub Scout group in Denver, Colorado shocked parents this week when a local Hooters posted photos of its staff posing next to young campers, KMGH reported on Monday.

As Broadly points out, the camp offered aspiring Cub Scouts "safe fun and adventure in the outdoors" for $65, but few could have seen this coming. Unbeknownst to parents, the three-day camp for elementary school students was sponsored in part by a restaurant chain notorious for hiring buxom servers. The restaurant's scantily clad waitresses—this time decked out from head to toe in Hooters visors, track jackets, and t-shirts—weren't visiting just to promote the famed "breastaurant," but rather to volunteer at the camp.

The Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council later confirmed the news with KMGH, explaining that Hooters had reached out to the organization and given an undisclosed financial contribution to the camp.

Michelle Kettleborough, whose 7-year-old son attended the program, was shocked to see her boy in a Hooters hat when she picked him up from the camp.

“I step back for a second and I take a look and I’m like, ‘Are they wearing Hooters visors? Wait a minute,” she told KMGH. "Quite honestly we're questioning whether we're going to keep him in the organization at all next year."

Following the backlash, Boy Scouts of America released a statement explaining that a "group of trained volunteers mistakenly wore the wrong attire" while visiting the program. "[W]e extend our apologies for this mistake and look forward to continuing our mission of serving youth in the Denver area," the spokesperson added.

Still, another mother, Marsha Corn, says she contacted the local Boy Scouts chapter to voice her concerns via email, but the reply she received didn't exactly convey contrition. 

"The restaurant assisted with the costs of putting on the camp, and through their community volunteering several of their waitresses donated their time to help staff the camp," the response read. "Glad to hear your son had such a good time."

[via EaterABC]