Few experiences in life are more Drake-ian than patronizing a Cheesecake Factory and a strip club in the same night, perhaps dining on some Louisiana chicken pasta before sending a longing, late-night text to an ex-girlfriend. This, according to a number of recent Drake sightings, is more or less what the Canadian rapper did while visiting Houston, Texas on Wednesday, reportedly filming a music video for one of his songs, “Childs Play.”

Drake’s love affair with Cheesecake Factory has spanned years, but more recently the fast-casual restaurant chain has become an increasingly recognizable component of the rapper’s persona. Following the April release of VIEWS—the artist’s fourth studio album, which held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for a staggering nine weeks straight—one simple line defined much of the immediate conversation. “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake, you know I love to go there,” he crooned earnestly.

Jokes were made, memes were created, and a hunt to find the 6 God flipping through the restaurant’s notorious 250-item menu ensured. Though it seems fairly certain that Drake was filming this week at V Live—a strip club on Richmond Avenue, which presented the rapper with a literal MVP trophy for his loyalty—a short clip shows Drizzy exiting a Cheesecake Factory around the same time, sparking rumors that the restaurant will be included in the upcoming visuals. 


After seeing the success of his video for "Hot Line Bling," Drake is hyper aware of his role as a living, breathing meme. To film a music video for "Childs Play" in Houston—where a Cheesecake Factory is located just 10 minutes away from his favorite stip club—would be a huge missed opportunity for an artist who rarely passes up the social media spotlight.

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