Earlier this week, the Indian state of Kerala imposed the world's first "fat tax"—a 14.5 percent increase on unhealthy foods in an attempt to encourage citizens to eat more nutritious meals and combat obesity. Well, Domino's must not have gotten the memo. The Indian branch of the fast-food chain just announced the release of one of the more gluttonous items on the international market: a brand new "burger pizza" that "looks like a burger, with the goodness of pizza!"

According to Time, the junk food mash-up is the size of a traditional burger, but uses pizza crust as the buns, and sandwiches cheese, sauce, and toppings in the middle instead of a beef patty. 

This isn't the first time we've seen a pizza-burger hybrid, but the decision to forgo the patty entirely is a somewhat ingenious twist. That said, if you'd like the greasy, American version of this mash-up, try taking a trip to Turner Field in Atlanta, where the Braves are slinging cheeseburgers mushed between two personal pepperoni pies

The Dominos version is slightly less grotesque—more closely resembling a super-sized bagel bite—but for only 89 rupees ($1.33 USD), it may just be worth it.

As is often the case when a new, previously unthinkable menu item hits the Internet, Twitter went crazy this week over the burger pizza, with reactions ranging from unbridled excitement to dread and dissapointment. 

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