If Snoop is the eternally-blunted godfather of weed rappers, and Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are the poster boys of the current generation of hip-hop artists who are as much defined by their blazing habits as the poly-syllabic intricacies of their rhyme schemes, then Dizzy Wright is the upcoming unsung hero of the hip-hop smoker's scene. Since first getting lifted while traveling to a show back in 2010, the Las Vegas-based rapper has successfully journeyed a path through the music industry that proudly sees him "high all the time."

2012's studio debut, SmokeOut Conversations, was recently complemented by a new project, The 702 EP, which embraces a gritty and brooding production vibe as Dizzy spits a homage to the Sin City that's headed up by the home kitchen-themed "What's In My Pot" video

When not bouncing between the tour bus and the studio, you’ll find Dizzy lounging with his girlfriend at their Vegas crib. She is plotting to become a chef and is currently at work putting together a book focused on spicy recipes. It’s a tidy fit, with Dizzy’s stoner-snack preferences veering towards the piquant and spiced-up side—although sometimes his duties in the stoned test kitchen can get a little too extreme.

“My girl cooks a lot of shit that's too spicy and sometimes I have to try it out in spaces,” he says with a laugh, before adding that his spice tolerance usually increases while high. “She tries out different spicy chickens and stuff like that, but I remember one time she made these hot wings that just had my eyes watering before I was done with the first one!” Not a good sign for Hot Ones, if you ask us. 

So with Dizzy’s weed and snacking credentials all in check, we got him to weigh in on the foods that call his name when the munchies hit. The question remains: cop or nah?