In America, there seems to be a challenge for everything. In 2014, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral, daring men and women to dump gallons of freezing-cold water over their heads in an effort to raise awareness around amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And for years, First We Feast has challenged the likes of Coolio, Eddie Huang, and Rob Corddry to scale mount Scoville on Hot Ones, consuming some of the most insufferable hot sauces known to man.​

But until now, no one has thought to combine these two forces of nature—the numbing cold of an ice bath and the blinding heat brought on by chili peppers. 

Earlier this month, Song Dynasty Town, an amusement park located in Hangzhou​, China, held its own chili pepper-eating contest, adding a twist to the traditional rules largely out of necessity. Since summer temperatures reach 104 degrees in the area, contestants sat in large wooden buckets filled with ice water while they devoured bowls of chilis. 

As participants raced to stuff the most peppers in their mouths before the clock ran out, park employees worked diligently to add fresh ice to each bucket, keeping contestants cool despite the sweat dripping from their foreheads. 

According to the YouTube channel Only in Asia, contestants first had the tongue-numbing challenge of sucking on a pepper-flavored popsicle. But the winner (who, by the way, looked chill AF sitting in his ice bucket) ultimately ate 62 peppers in three minutes, almost putting Joey Chestnut's recent 70 hot dog-win over Matt Stonie to shame. 

Though a number of contestants were forced to drop out of the challenge—most likely fearing the rare combination of hypothermia and heatstroke—the winner reportedly took home a 24-karat gold bar as a prize.​ 

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