Despite popular belief, it's not easy being vegan. First, there's the whole abstaining from animal products thing, which is of course difficult since meat is unequivocally delicious. Then, there's the occasional attack from sausage-throwing neo-Nazis. And now, a vegan's right to work at the eatery of his or her choosing is under attack. 

According to the Williamette Week, Pip's, an artisanal mini-doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon, is under fire this week after posting a pro-pork job listing. Pip's is known for its rotating menu of specialty doughnuts, including flavors like blueberry wild rose, Nutella with sea salt, and maple-glazed bacon—the latter of which is not typically considered kosher within the vegan community. 

"No non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions that would stop you from tasting [our food]," the business' job posting read. "We serve products with meat (including bacon) nuts, diary and our doughnuts contain wheat gluten." 

While the ability to handle pork products is commonplace in most food service jobs, non-meat-eaters aren't happy with the restrictions outlined in the doughnut shop's ad. Since the posting went up last week, vegans and vegetarians have taken to social media to lash out against Pip's, leaving one-star ratings on the bakery's Facebook page and promising to boycott the meat-loving establishment.

"Won't return now that I know you discriminate against vegetarians in your hiring practices!" one customer wrote. "We are good enough to buy your products, in my case near daily, but not okay to work there."

Following a series of hateful emails, as well as countless phone calls and instances of "cyber-bullying," Pip's finally posted a statement to its Facebook page, claiming that the job listing was "never about us versus vegans."

We suppose it's true what they say. Hell hath no fury like a vegan scorned.

[via Williamette Week]