Names of foods can be notoriously hard to pronounce at times. Few diners can confidently waltz into a Korean restaurant and correctly choose between “bi-bim-bap” and “bi-bim-bop” without hopelessly embarrassingly themselves in front of their waiter. According to a recent study conducted by Harris Poll, only one in five American restaurant-goers are willing to try an unfamiliar recipe at dinner, and more than half claim that an uncharted ingredient can ruin their experience altogether.

But luckily, Adam DeVine, the cherub-faced co-star of Comedy Central’s Workaholics, is here to teach us all about the world’s most commonly confused dishes—well, sort of.

In a video for Bon Appétit posted on Thursday, DeVine reads through a list of foreign dishes on his smartphone, feigning certainty as he mangles each pronunciation.

“Because I’m sort of the number one celebrity foodie in the world, they asked me to tell you about some hard to pronounce foods and what they are,” DeVine says. “I know all the stuff. I definitely do. And I’m not going to make up any of it.”

In DeVine's world, Niçoise, a French salad made with tuna and hard-boiled eggs, is put in a terrifying Russian accent, while clafoutis, a baked flan-like dessert made with black cherries, is actually just a fancy, new-age name for cauliflower.

“I wouldn’t even look that one up,” DeVine says after butchering the French staple, boeuf bourguignon. “What you might find on the Internet, what that means, might be different than what I’m telling you and I speak the truth.”

[via Bon Appétit]