Earlier this week, a man who goes by the handle Mister_Scorpion on Reddit had a very, very bad idea.

Showing a complete and total disregard for his own well-being, Mister_Scorpion asked his fellow Redditors to invent the "the worst Subway sandwich possible." With only one caveat—the sandwich had to use actual ingredients from the notoriously squalid menu—he promised to ingest the most vile creation the Internet could come up with.

"I will eat the highest rated comment and report back," he said. And from that moment on, Mister_Scorpion’s fate was sealed.

What followed was over 11,000 comments—many from current and former Subway “sandwich artists”—detailing some of the most foul, barely-edible concoctions known to man.

As Grub Street points outMister_Scorpion ultimately had to set a few more ground rules when thing started getting too out of hand (he's allergic to red onions, his local Subway will only give out two sauces, and the sandwich has to have at least one meat), but even so, the results were chilling. 

Here, only for the brave of heart, are a few of the worst Subway sandwiches possible. 

[via Grub Street, Reddit]