Over the years, McDonald’s has come to serve not only as a fast-food chain, but a never-ending cage-match for unstable customers, with disgruntled patrons jumping over counters, and ripping workers from drive-thru windows in fits of rage. Now, three women in Bellevue, Ohio have been arrested after assaulting a McDonald’s employee for failing to make their fast-food fast enough, NBC 24 reports.

The women—Ashley England, Mary Jordan, and Sammie Whaley, all from the nearby city of Sandusky—were apprehended last week after fleeing the scene. The suspects (and their children, according to the Daily Mail) were seen on surveillance tape attacking a female employee in the parking lot.  

“[The employee]was working too slowly when dealing with three [women] and their family and friends,” the Bellevue Police Department wrote on Facebook.

In addition to theft and assault, two of the women were also charged with child endangerment because their kids were “participating in the incident.” And while the crime itself may seem over-the-top, the women are making headlines this week not because of the charges, but their mugshots. On Facebook, Bellevue Police shared photos of the women, with two of the suspects cracking big, IDGAF smiles for the camera.

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